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Работа в Берёзе / Резюме / Строительство, проектирование, недвижимость
54 года (родился 27 октября 1964), не состоит в браке, есть дети
Берёза, готов к переезду
Гражданство: Беларусь
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Civil Engineer, Fit-Out

полная занятость, не готов к командировкам
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Опыт работы 13 лет и 7 месяцев

    • июнь 2013 – январь 2015
    • 1 год и 8 месяцев

    Foreman finishing works, fit-out

    OOO "ASK Patterani" Gas and Chemical Novourengoysky compl


    Maintaining multiple objects simultaneously. Team leadership, more than 30 people. Participation in the acceptance of the work performed. Coordination of work with the customer and control services. Quality control of work performed. Design, technical maintenance, reporting documentation. Subject tracking (Project 442-08) Administrative building- of 1500 m2 with a * zero * cycle, work with the supervision, supervision of the customer registration form 6A COP, COP-2, conducting special journals and other normative and technical documentation, training facility for delivery customer, design priёmosdatochnoy documentation, commissioning. The new object (project 535-08) 4500 m2 -ABK Novy (Novy Urengoy Gas and Chemical Complex (Gazprom) in Novy Urengoy) with * zero *. Reconstruction and finishing. Transmission facility. Object 3604 / 01.10.04. St.etilen, administrative building. Removal of comments, object delivery.
    • декабрь 2012 – март 2013
    • 4 месяца

    Master of finishing work with the duties of superintendent (fit-out)

    Ltd. Rosengineering


    Organizing, directing the labor process. The alignment of people. Monitoring of e-tools. Order material. Measurements. Payroll. Coordination of design changes. Monitoring compliance with technological processes, timing control, providing high quality finishing. Control of receipt of materials, the consumption of materials. Autonomy in decision-making. Team management, customer interaction, with technical supervision. Work with the project documentation. The act of transmission / reception rooms. Knowledge of building codes, Guest.
    • март 2010 – июнь 2012
    • 2 года и 4 месяца

    Master finishing works (fit-out)

    CHUSP "SVYAT", Брест


    Selection and calculation of the material. Control over the placement of people, setting goals. Reconciliation of changes in the project. Knowledge of the entire cycle of finishing works. For-performance. Compilation of defective statements, interim certificates, estimates for the additional work, acts of the hidden works. Keeping sheets. Local budget calculation, calculation of building materials. The detailed cost estimates, the calculation of aggregate specifications (particular estimate). Work with leveling.
    • август 2007 – июль 2009
    • 2 года

    Master finishing works (fit-out)

    SK "Felix".


    A full range of finishing work at the elite cottage village for VIP guests Gazprom; material management; calculation and selection of materials; monitoring compliance with technology and quality in the process of finishing work, control the flow of materials, control of finances. Experience and knowledge of modern finishing techniques. The measurement of work actually performed. Coordination of work with subcontractors.
    • май 2000 – сентябрь 2007
    • 7 лет и 5 месяцев

    Finisher (fit-out)

    SK "Felix".


    Working with drawings and layout, installing fixtures, insulation and installation of ventilated facades. Installation of multi-level ceilings of GCR. installation of a roof METROBOND. Floor laying of stacked sheets GVL (KNAUF). Tile, high-quality plaster, putty. Brigadier. Admission to the CBC BrGPU in 2006. Application of Venetian plaster, decorative coatings, decor lazuli.

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Knowledge of technology and finishing works, knowledge of modern materials. Doing the necessary documentation. Knowledge of building codes. Calculation of materials and quantities. Team leadership. Work on the line * *.

Дополнительные сведения:

Additional information Sociable, non-conflicting, can work on mission and watches. Pedantic. Teamwork. Remote work. Negotiating skills. Hobby-fiction, nature, renovated apartment with his hands, the study and application of new materials in the finishing.